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The Lure of the Golden Carrot

June 2022

The U.S. Naval Training Command operates several different aircraft types to train Naval Aviators and Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) in their quest for their coveted Wings of Gold. At top, the T-45C Goshawk provides advanced fighter pilot training and aircraft carrier qualification operations. Below it is the T-44 Pegasus, which trains aviators for multi-engine aircraft. In the middle of the stack, the T-6B Texan II offers primary pilot training and intermediate NFO training. The TH-57 Sea Ranger at lower right has provided rotary wing pilot training for five decades. It will soon be replaced by the TH-73 Thrasher, lower left. (This Aerocature™ was created for the 2020 Virtual Tailhook Symposium.)

Note: Each month a different image from the current calendar year is featured here. To avoid the gnawing 12-month period of suspense to see all 12 pieces (along with lots of aviation anniversaries (When did the first pig fly?), incredible trivia (What is Godzilla's "birthday"?), and outrageous quotes from people that should know better) place your order for the Aerocatures™ Calendar now!

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