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Prop Fiction

October 2019

Developed early in World War II, the Bell XP-59 Airacomet was the United States' first jet propelled aircraft. Because the XP-59 was a Top Secret project, security measures were rife. When moving the aircraft about on the ground, support personnel attached a dummy wooden propeller to its nose in an attempt to disguise the true nature of the Airacomet's radical (for the early 1940s) propulsion system. The XP-59 first flew on 1 October 1942, but its performance was unimpressive. Although the Airacobra was not an operational success, it did provide early experience with jet-propelled aircraft in preparation for more advanced jet aircraft to come.

Note: Each month a different image from the current calendar year is featured here. To avoid the gnawing 12-month period of suspense to see all 12 pieces (along with lots of aviation anniversaries (When did the first pig fly?), incredible trivia (What is Godzilla's "birthday"?), and outrageous quotes from people that should know better) place your order for the Aerocatures™ Calendar now!

News & Updates:
  • 8/8/19 - Take a peek at the 2020 Aerocatures™ Calendar! It's still in production, but look for ordering information soon!

  • 10/5/17 - Hank's artwork was featured on the program cover for the 2017 Tailhook Association Symposium. Check it out!

  • 11/16/16 - Do you know someone who is in a "family way?" Are you expecting? Then you definitely need a copy of "Honey . . . We're Pregnant!" From Aerocatures™ creator Hank Caruso, this prenatal diary is a great way to become friends with your baby well before he or she enters the outside world. Check here for more information!

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