Behind "Nukin' Nevada"
by Hank Caruso

    The story behind the art: This Aerocature™ started out looking very different. Notice that in my original sketch (below), I drew the entire aircraft running away from the mushroom cloud. You'll also notice that I've left myself notes about how I wanted to change the position of the aircraft. But as I started to transfer the sketch to pencil outlines, I realized that I'd be spending a lot of time drawing details and features that had nothing to do with the story I wanted to tell. And art (to me, at least) is all about storytelling.

That's when I scrapped the original idea and decided to focus on only the cockpit of the aircraft, because that's where all of the expression was. I left in two engines to help identify the aircraft type, but the rest of the aircraft was expendable (in my drawing, that is). The end result is a much more focused look at the aircraft's reaction as well as a more dramatic visual composition.

The moral of the story: Sometimes showing everything makes the story LESS impressive, not more.

--Hank Caruso