Hank Caruso...

    Hank Caruso's Aerocatures™ are among the most novel and distinctive images in aviation art today. Trained as both an artist and engineer, Hank Caruso's familiarity with aviation technology and aircraft operations enable him to convincingly show how flight crews feel about their aircraft and how the aircraft feel about themselves. His careful draftsmanship and attention to detail add a strong sense of realism to his dynamic portrayals of each aircraft's unique personality. The credibility of Hank's aviation art is enhanced by his first-hand flying experiences as a backseater with Navy and Air Force tactical, test, and training organizations, including the Blue Angels, Topgun, and the US Naval Test Pilot School.

    An Artist Fellow in the American Society of Aviation Artists (ASAA) and a contributor to the Air Force Art Program, Hank's creations appear regularly in Naval Aviation News. His art has been displayed in juried shows in art museums and galleries throughout the country. Many military aviation squadrons and civilian aerospace organizations have commissioned original Aerocatures™ for use as logos, special presentations, and limited-edition commemorative prints. He currently resides in southern Maryland.

    Also hard at work to assist Mr. Caruso are the talents of his Research Assistant, Amy G. She often spends long hours digging through piles of books to find out specific details of certain aircraft. Her research, needless to say, is invaluable to Mr. Caruso's work. Hank Caruso's Aerocatures™ Calendar is a three-time award winner in the Calendar Marketing Association's annual National Calendar Awards competition. The Aerocatures™ Calendar was recognized in the categories of Most Original and Best Cartoon Art.
On 9 September 2006, the United States Navy designated Hank Caruso as Honorary Naval Aviator #27.

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