2017 Aerocatures™ Calendar
Artwork © Hank Caruso

(Now in its 36th consecutive year!)

    The 2017 Aerocatures™ Calendar features the following illustrations:

  • B-2 stealth bomber (Cover)

  • B-24 over Ploesti

  • A-7 steam ingestion

  • Coast Guard HH-3F Pelican

  • NASA F/A-18 flight line hazards

  • C-141 Hanoi Taxi

  • North Island operating room

  • USAF Test Pilot School fly-by

  • F-86 vs. MiG-15
  • UH-1N night mission
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut
  • D-558-1 Skystreak

  • Back of the Calendar: The Leans
(Some subjects may change without notice.)
  • The ENTIRE contents of the Aerocatures™ Calendar are in totally glorious color!

  • Calendar size is ~8.5"x 11". Color prints, merchandise, & commissions also available.

  • Each 2017 calendar costs $20. SHIPPING & HANDLING is $5 per order (not per calendar). Maryland residents must include 6% SALES TAX. Available 11/13/16!

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