2024 Aerocatures™ Calendar
Artwork © Hank Caruso

(Now in its 43rd consecutive year!)

The 2024 Aerocatures™ Calendar features these dramatic full-color illustrations:

  • XFD-1 Phantom, the phirst one (cover)
  • P-47 Thunderbolt ground attack
  • AN-2 Colt vs. the sheep (it's a complicated story...)
  • B-36 & the nuke
  • B747 with a Space Shuttle hitchhiker
  • C-54 Skymaster in the Berlin Airlift
  • US Eagle driver
  • P6M Seamaster takeoff run
  • Me 262 climbing to intercept
  • SBD Dauntless dive bombing
  • UH-34 Seahorse gunship in Vietnam
  • USMC A-7, A-4s, & A-1 (Senator John McCain's aircraft)
  • Back of the Calendar: Seabirds: Hot Section Inspection

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