by: Andy Whyte and Charlie and Ann Cooper

Are you an aviation art fan? Do you collect aviation art? Are you an aspiring aviation artist? Are your kids budding aerospace illustrators? Then chances are good that How to Draw Aircraft Like a Pro, by Andy Whyte and Charlie and Ann Cooper is just what you're looking for. This 160-page soft-cover volume from Motorbooks International is a wonderful collection of aviation art, instruction, and advice from nearly three dozen of the best known names in United States aviation art today. This book covers everything from aerodynamics, descriptive geometry, and perspective to color, composition, and cartoons.

This is not a book about Aerocatures™, although Aerocatures™ are highlighted in several pages. You'll learn how Aerocatures™ fit into the larger picture of aviation art. And you'll learn much, much more from the best in the business.

You can't buy this book from ForeFeathers™, but you can purchase a copy for your library from any bookseller. We think you'll find it's well worth the $19.95 US retail price.

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