by: Hank Caruso

As we enter the new millennium, Marine Corps aviation is going through a growth spurt. Some aircraft, such as the F/A-18 Hornet and CH-53 Sea Stallion will grow older more or less gracefully with evolutionary upgrades. Others, such as the KC-130J Battle Herk and the four-bladed UH-1Y and AH-1Z Super Cobra, are the beneficiaries of major makeovers. And some, such as the elderly CH-46 Sea Knight and spunky AV-8B Harrier, will be phased out as they are replaced by the revolutionary MV-22 Osprey and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Newer and larger LHDs will replace the Gator Navy's LHAs as seagoing roosts for many of the Corps' birds. And what about the aging but indispensable EA-6B Prowler? No one knows.

This Aerocature™ was originally created for the Marine Corps Aviation Association and recently appeared in the May/June issue of Naval Aviation News.

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