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December 2021

It's easy to misunderstand the profession of aerial photographer. After all, it's simply a matter of pointing a camera out the window and clicking the shutter, right? Anyone can do it. In truth, the job demands so much more, especially in the flight test community. Of course, there is always the need for public relations beauty shots of the aircraft in various dramatic cloudscapes and sunsets. But this is a relatively small part of the job. The main contribution of the flight test photographer is to provide critical visual information to designers and engineers so they can properly assess flight test events and aircraft performance.

To acquire usable photographic and videographic information, the photographer needs to be in just the right position in space, at the right time, and in the right orientation. Most flight test situations are more than sustained formation flights. More often than not, flight tests involve very dynamic events, such as extreme maneuvers and weapons delivery shots that are brief and not repeatable. This requires in-depth technical expertise, knowledge of flight operations and physics, and perhaps most important, the physical fortitude to remain focused in spite of g-forces and disorienting maneuvers.

Note: Each month a different image from the current calendar year is featured here. To avoid the gnawing 12-month period of suspense to see all 12 pieces (along with lots of aviation anniversaries (When did the first pig fly?), incredible trivia (What is Godzilla's "birthday"?), and outrageous quotes from people that should know better) place your order for the Aerocatures™ Calendar now!

News & Updates:
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    2022 Aerocatures™ Calendar 41st Anniversary!

  • 9/24/21

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