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Not all exhibits are hanging on museum and gallery walls. In the case of Aerocatures™, the exhibits are often on the covers and in the pages of magazines. In the coming weeks, we'll post many of these pages along with background information as well as links to the publications themselves. Some of these may be available as back issues. For further information, however, you'll need to contact the magazines themselves. Please don't contact ForeFeathers™! Thanks!

The US Naval Rotary Wing Aircraft Test Squadron (USNRWATS) recently commissioned a commemorative Aerocature(tm) featuring aircraft and test programs representing their first 25 years of service at NAS Patuxent River. This illustration later appeared on the cover of Naval Aviation News. A complete description of USNRWATS activities also appears in this issue.

Wondering what all of these aircraft are? Check the explanatory illustration key. Color copies (12"x18") of this illustration are available from the USNRWATS at 301-342-1775 (DSN 342-1762). Do not contact ForeFeathers(tm)! We don't sell them.

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The Naval Force Aircraft Test Squadron commissioned an original Aerocature(tm) to commemorate their 25th Anniversary. This illustration appeared on the cover of the September/October 2000 issue of Naval Aviation News. For information on how to obtain color prints of this art, click here. Do not contact ForeFeathers™!

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In addition to the cover art, a new Aerocature™ was created for the centerfold of the same issue. Entitled "Loaded for Bear (Under the Sea and In the Air)", this illustration depicts the evolution of early Navy patrol and anti-submarine aircraft. The text can be viewed here.

Although this illustration is not available as a lithographic print, copies can be obtained from ForeFeathers™ for $15 each (MD residents add 5% sales tax) plus $5 shipping. Again, please note that these are not lithographic prints. Rather, they are commercial quality 11"x14" color photocopies on quality stock.

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