Color Mini-Prints

All artwork © Hank Caruso

All images are 8.5" x 11" unless otherwise noted

Load Warriors (C-46/C-47)
Out on a LEM (Lunar Lander) (6.5" x11.5")
Home Before Dark (F4F Wildcat)
Fish Story (TBF Avenger)
Black Night, Black Widow (P-61)
The Not-So-Ancient Mariner (PBM)
YGBSM (F-105G Wild Weasel)
Herk at Work (C-130 Hercules)
Tilt . . . with an Attitude (V-22 Osprey)
Ouch! (T-38 Talon)
Carrier Air Wing (CAW)
Thunderflushed (GRB-36F)
Black Hawk (UH-60)

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