Naval Aviation in the Third Dimension!
by: Hank Caruso

Praise for Naval Aviation in the Third Dimension!

"World renowned Aviation Artist Hank Caruso takes you on a journey through his personal photo library to show Naval Aviation as it has never been seen before... in true 3-D Technicolor. The images burst from the book's pages and give you a phenomenal opportunity to reach out and touch the very essence of our Navy's aviation history. Read it, Watch it, Embrace it!"
- Vice Admiral Mat Winter, USN (ret.)

"As the Navy's former chief test pilot, I find this book a real walk down memory lane. Honorary Naval Aviator Hank Caruso is as knowledgable about aviation as anyone; his passion for it is obvious. This incredible, one-of-a-kind book is a must for collectors of aviation memorabilia. This book would be an incredible gift for any aviation enthusiast."
- Rear Admiral Bert Johnston, USN (ret.)

"I have been a fan of Hank Caruso's art for a long time. His illustrations are truly unique. It has always amazed me not only how much of a story each picture tells, but the spirit of aviation they capture. This book is full of airplane stories, aviation spirit, and now with pictures that literally jump off the page. A must for any Aviation enthusiast."
- Col. Art "Turbo" Tomassetti, USMC (ret.)

"Trust Hank Caruso to produce an innovative method of looking at what some people will regard simply as 'airplane pictures'; but devotees of his work will appreciate how he's taken Naval Aviation imagery to the next dimension."
- Aviation Historian Barrett Tillman

There has never been a book about Naval Aviation like this one! For the first time, you can experience Naval Aviation history through the exciting medium of stereo photography--more commonly referred to as 3D photography. More than 175 never-before-published 3D images put you in the cockpits of Naval aircraft and place you on carrier decks, in hangars, on the runway, and more--dramatic and fun points of view that most people never see.

PRNAM's mission is to focus on how flight testing contributes to advances in Naval Aviation technology and operational success. All of PRNAM's aircraft were involved in flight test programs at NAS Patuxent River and other Navy facilities. They gathered flight test data to expand performance envelopes and evaluate structural improvements, new weapons installations, and electronic systems. This book highlights operations at NAS Patuxent River's flight test squadrons and aircraft used develop flight test skills at the U.S Naval Test Pilot School. The 3D photographs in this book's 100 pages are both informative and historically significant.

According to author Hank Caruso: "As an aviation enthusiast, I am incredibly privileged to have been involved with the Navy's flight community and aircraft for so many years. As a stereo photographer, I love the excitement of creating 3D images of a subject that has always fascinated me. As a former test engineer, I have a particular fascination with test laboratory operations and flight test activities. And since moving to Southern Maryland many years ago, I have been helping tell the Naval Aviation flight test story as a volunteer with PRNAM's Exhibits Committee. This book is a very personal way for me to relive so much that was fun and meaningful over the past decades. I hope that it succeeds in sharing some of that excitement with you."

Naval Aviation in the Third Dimension is available exclusively from PRNAM's Flightline Gift Shop at the retail price of $65. All of the sales proceeds from this book go towards supporting PRNAM's preservation and educational programs.

It's a unique gift for friends and relatives — or for yourself!

Spiral-bound Softcover with 3D viewer included, 8.5"x11", 100 pp.
ISBN 978-0-578-88950-5

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